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Here are the things you'll need to look for in a hosting package for your forum: More or less most of them offer similar features and pricing. Rock solid linux hosting, the SSD servers take the speed and the performance to the next level. The single package offered by this company is quite comprehensive and comes with a good list of features. Free is such a pleasant word to hear and easily grabs anyone’s attention, be it on a eCommerce site, brick and mortar business or hosting everyone love free things isn’t it? PhpBB (PHP Bulletin Board) is probably the most widely used forum platform. How did that make you feel?

As well as being able to design your own forums skins, some of the best forum hosting services also offer themes. Keep reading as we pair each platform with the hosting provider that offers the most impact. I happen to cover both below so you have a better understanding of the significant differences. Once you have a forum set up, you can create as many internal message boards as you want. Write guest posts on various websites to reach your target audience and link to your forum.

Choosing the right forum hosting service can improve your SEO, attract more visitors and generate constant traffic to your forum. Most of the popular forums platforms are built on the PHP scripting language. These are of low cost and great builder of the websites. Do I need to be a developer to run my forum? Another plus is that the software has Wordpress “bridge' that allows for perfect integration into your WordPress site.

Have a question about our web hosting services before buying? You must have thought before making your first decision starting with a forum can be free and paid. The ultimate guide to web hosting, replies are almost instant when submitted by phone or chat. Those who need to hire a blogger post potential jobs and job seekers can read the posts and private message the potential employers. If you are just getting started with the process of choosing forum software for your website or blog, the sheer number of options available can be daunting.

Students have to read postings of their fellow students and online articles hyperlinked to the postings.


They are there to serve the customers with their services. It offers many features that no other free forum host can give you, features such as Mobile ready, unlimited members and posts etc. If you know CSS, you could try writing and designing your own theme or tweaking the pre-existing one. Despite its lack of advanced features, FluxBB manages to offer everything you need to set up a robust forum that looks reasonably modern. Due to this, you’ll either need a good set of technical skills to resolve these issues or a responsive support team you can turn to. You can post your questions for the best sites. Forums have their own social code of conduct.

A lot of technical as well as ethical aspects have to be considered before creating and running a forum. Even if you’ve never used the CMS before, however, it’s pretty easy to pick up. Others require you to create an account and log in before posting messages. Just remember that humor is subjective. Once you have your rules implemented, post them in a top, sticky thread so that new members understand the rules. If you own a forum you’ll want to make sure that it loads really fast, in fact, your forum speed is one of the most important things you need. Yackity yack community isn't going to be nearly as successful as amateur golfer tips community. As previously mentioned, Vanilla Forums doesn't have sub-categories.

  • Overall I'm highly satisfied with this company and would recommend.
  • However, Vanilla’s free version offers more than enough features for regular forums.
  • The site was started in 1999, so it has an established fan base.
  • Of course there is no truly unlimited storage anywhere.
  • Among the five websites examined, World Crossing seems to provide the most powerful and useful services for setting up a discussion forum, while VoyForums might be the most configurable and its table-style templates offer great forum layouts.
  • Default group for all new registered users.

What is phpBB?

By choosing general topics, you leave yourself some room for your forum to grow. Forum moderators help to: The goal of a Denial-of-Service attack is to disrupt your business activities by stopping the operation of your web site, email or web applications. Busy forums can generate technical issues. Discover how to customize our free hosted forum service with a domain name. In addition to the most popular options we mentioned above, you may want to consider the following options. This is a way for you to show your individuality by: Here is the list in no particular order:

Creating a free forum on ProBoards is quick and easy. Our free hosting features, the unlimited bandwidth and storage are really good, as well as their uptimes are impeccable, and their speeds are above average. Exceptions to this include ad banners, classified ads, and personal ads. It's necessary to keep in mind the goal with which PunBB was created to truly appreciate its design and structure.

Provide an appropriate forum for this and they’ll be more likely to get involved in your site. So, if you want to host your own forum, just look around whether you need a cheap hosting with all the required features or a free forum hosting site. 6 best cheap managed wordpress hosting services for 2020, flywheel’s technical service is outstanding; security is robust with round-the-clock monitoring to protect your website from hackers. Whatever topic you need help with, you can simply go the main page of the forum and find the correct category. Offers more control over your website out of the box. As we’ve seen, however, they are hardly the only strong competitors for the title of ‘best forum software’. Should I Use bbPress for My Forum? If you have any blog entries, articles, subject-relevant research you've done in the past, it all can be re-purposed for your forum.

  • Take the instance of a free hosting service that runs of the freemium business model.
  • Actually, hosting a forum is not a very difficult task.
  • We've put together an in-depth guide about our migration service so you can understand more about our process.
  • Users can participate and make as many topics as they want.
  • Set up is free and there are no hidden charges, so the price you see is the price you pay.
  • You may want to offer some small compensation for doing this task as it can be time consuming.
  • But what do you think?


Customizing the look of Vanilla is a piece of cake, you can either install the already available visually pleasing themes or modify the CSS code yourself. However, forum traffic patterns are unpredictable — user activities can peak and trough rapidly, and often irregularly. Your support helps keep the site running!

To be accessible online, websites such as forums, and all digital content, must be stored on specialized infrastructures.

Recommended VPS Hosting Providers

Why should you not go with free hosting providers? Some of the big forums such as http: Vanilla spotlights its premium software on its homepage.

How much bandwidth you need is directly related to how much traffic your forum will have.

Need Something Different?

Right now you can save up to 67% on SiteGround plans. There is no magic number here, but you should wait for 5,000 or more daily unique visitors before launching a forum. Top 100 webhosting 2020 - ratings score, liquidWeb received INC. All you have to do is register on any of the following forum, activate your account and your forum is online! When it comes to functionality, Drupal is one of the most powerful CMSs you can find. Another open-source option, MyBB is a simple and intuitive platform that offers powerful moderation and administration features with an extensive range of plugins and a built-in theme editor.

Because it is open source, you can find online help from various developers that will help you tweak your forum to be completely customized. Tiered pricing by unit, user-friendliness - with AWS, you are responsible for your own server. Enables your users to use an advanced text editor, with plenty of options. Owned by Automattic (the fine people behind WordPress and bbPress), BuddyPress takes forums one step further. Unmatched features found in no other forum hosting service. A post is a user presented message together with a box having a user’s information and the date and time it was presented. Virtually any organization that connects to the Internet is vulnerable to these attacks. The platform doesn’t offer a lot of profile customization options. If you aren't very technical, then the cloud (price starts at $15/mo) is probably the easiest solution for you to start with.

You can have new posts forwarded to your mailbox.
Well, this service is mostly used by the users on the internet.

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When rules are broken by a user, user is usually exiled from that forum and the administrator denies his\her access to the website. Free vs. amuse pro, the other option IBroadcast gives you access to upload unlimited Sound Files. Users can interact with each other through private messages, they have the same format as regular discussions. For that reason, Idologic’s server infrastructure has been designed with reliability in mind. Of course, you don't want users to have complete anarchy and prevent them straying off-topic, discussing any illegal activities, participate in cyberbullying.


The website hosting directory provides cheap hosting providers. The full requirements for phpBB hosting are somewhat detailed, though fairly common. You need some solid traffic or your forum will remain quiet without any posts. The way forums look depends on your theme, but not every theme supports bbPress. Here is how a hosting and a domain name work: These messages can then be viewed at any future time, even if you were not online when they were posted. You can try their cloud-based solution for a month for free to see what you think of the features included.

The creators state that user experience one of the main keystones of the script. Its streamlined interface means you can spend more time discussing and less time clicking through a complicated solution. The newest thread is always on top. While other free message board hosts may claim to be the biggest, they aren't. SiteGround, InMotion Hosting, A2 Hosting*. Message boards may be displayed as threaded or non-threaded. Phorum is high performance and offers a wide range of modules allowing users to customize their forum to their specific liking.

15+ Cheap Cloud Server Hosting Providers

The phpbb forum discussion is done with the help of phpbb software. If you own one, you can also connect a custom domain. You can edit any message on the forum. Our own recommendation is that phpBB is the right choice if your target audience is: On the other hand, there are many forums that are open source, so you are not forced to commit to your initial choice if you do not want to. The number of times a message has been viewed and the size of each message can be shown on the index page. Web forums create a sense of a virtual community which often builds up around forums having active users.

The collection of free plugins and themes is not as extensive as you might expect. It offers totally free hosting for forums and doesn't place any restrictions on bandwidth, page numbers or storage. You'll enjoy a robust and powerful feature set to manage your community. Forumotion is one such example, offering themes covering a wide range of topics. As a class message board: You install the software on your own website and using it is completely free, other than web hosting fees.


Ive been a DTH customer, under different accounts, for almost 3 years now, and I could not be more satisfied. Lets you set up both regular websites and message boards. We are making our readers delight with providing them a list of 10 of the best free forum hosting sites for hosting and running your own forum, you can build and run your own private forum, game forum or SMF forum within few minutes without any technical knowledge. That is the same feeling members of an online community should experience. There's also an option for users to authenticate using their Google, Facebook or Bit. In practice, that doesn’t mean FluxBB lacks in features. You are given full control over the configuration. It's that simple.

The good thing about this approach is that it is much easier to get up and running with a fairly standard forum implementation without having to consider every single feature. Of course, people who need a feature-rich forum will find that PunBB won't be able to meet their expectations. This can be done with the Embed plugin enabled. Better cloud vps, just about anyone can pretend to be a real web host and just be reselling someone else’s products. You can back up your message board data.

Our hosting services will ensure that your forum will run fast, secure and will be better supported 24/7 than our competitors.

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While the majority of the market is made up of open-source solutions, one of the forum industry leaders is actually a commercial solution – vBulletin. However, when it comes to forums and bandwidth, the more the better. Non-threaded displays would be useful in situations where there won’t be replies, such as announcements.

You probably were aggravated and either argued for a while and then realized it was taking up too much of your time, or you disengaged and left the forum. This allows it to be quick and lightweight enough to not slow down your website. You have laid out clear rules to use your forum, so don't be afraid to enforce the consequences of those rules. If you haven’t used forums before, you should familiarize yourself with them before creating one for your business. Owner, host, read & post, moderated, read only, and no access. According to the developers, “Basically the requirements of bbPress are the exact same as WordPress, so if you are running the latest version of WordPress you can run bbPress.

If you’re looking for a quick comparison, Simple Machines Forum is most similar to phpBB. Those who are looking for an employee can pay a small fee to post their jobs. Appoint community moderators to enforce the rules, keep the peace and get discussions going. The best website builders for 2020, the 24/7 assistance includes:. If you’re looking to use this robust CMS to power your forum, you’ll need to choose the right plugin to do it.

What are the phpBB Hosting Requirements?

Best Value

4 ---------- MyBB Merge Support ------ MyBB 1. Whereas as it continued to develop the modern capabilities, AJAX functionality with command line interface and support. However, there aren’t a lot of free plugin options, so you’re mostly stuck with the default features.

They will be able to increase or scale the resources available to you to accommodate any growth. Through a forum you can communicate with clients or followers, make a study on their positive and negative comments, assess concerns or questions, create a community, and more. The first thing you want to do is evaluate your current web hosting company and look at your other options. Comparing the web hosting companies, that means you can forget about MySQL! Such as use CAPTCHA, implement flood control, ban or suspend users that break forum rules, even enable post approval which will require all the posts and topics be approved either by you or moderators before being posted. You can prohibit students from using certain words that you decide on. One of the things this site is doing particularly well is offering tools to help its target demographic. FMyScript FMyScript is a solution that allows your site members to share life stories.

Business Plan

The admin panel gives you a lot of options for personalization. Best web hosting providers, you can store your website files (all of them, or just the big ones) on a CDN, which replicates them on multiple servers around the world. Each thread consists of a topic-based string of messages and replies. A large and friendly community around it will help you learn all you need to set up and maintain your forum. Instead of categorizing topics, users can just use tags. This allows users to share delight as well as panic with how various companies conducting business.

This web hosting company provides all the features and will help you to install forum software and you will be working in a very good hand. This allows you to add features easily and quickly. In fact we were voted Best Hosted Forum 2020! Access to the server is done with an FTP or SFTP client for example. It uses PHP and MySQL to display messages in the classic threaded view.

However, most forums can benefit from as many modern features as possible.

The owners of these sights need to retain their right regarding view of the site. A forum may have a single topic or several topics under which discussions are created. While I don't completely agree with this because there will always be demand for great content and information, I do believe that forums can help you gain valuable content from your users while engaging them and giving them the ability to interact with others on the site. All you need to create your forum is a hosting plan and all your creativity. Achievement systems. Like a web host that offers relatively a high threshold and bandwidth as well as the memory. This will save you time by not having to go to each individual topic or post and make the changes. What is Vanilla Forums?

Review Breakdown

New messages are not marked as new or unread. It can become a place for people to discuss issues, collaborate on projects, educate others, talk about your product or service. – Administrator, hold all rights to the forum Moderators – Have similar rights to the admin, allowed to edit posts and topics, ban users etc. The troublemaker isn't likely to convert into a customer anyway. A thread is defined by a title, additional description and an opening post. That is far from the truth.

Review of Free Forum Hosting Sites

Lets you set up extensions and themes to customize your forum. However, there are other advantages of choosing forum web hosting. They offer a free 14-day trial and then you can choose from their free package or a premium plan that starts at $16 month and adds features such as extended branding, custom domain, and a user database. Regardless of which forum software you choose, the chosen program should provide simple navigation and an attractive design at a price you want to pay. Your choices for forum plugins are more limited than with WordPress. Since it's so popular, users are likely already familiar with its interface and won't have trouble navigating your forum. BlueHost provides US based 24/7 customer support via toll free phone, online helpdesk, and live chat.

In our experience, phpBB offers more advanced features, but MyBB is still robust enough to handle most popular forums. Private messaging. The styles database has 100's of packages of styling and images that will help you further customize your forum. Click to expand. 80/mo will fit great a small community forum but you'll need to purchase a domain name separately. The minimum requirements for Vanilla Forums are:

6 Installation and Upgrades Support -------- 1. You'll be able to log into your control panel and update your Vanilla install with a single click, so you get the latest features and the most secure settings! Any of those plugins provides you with all the basic forum features you need, plus plenty of useful extras. You will also be able to add ranks to users that will be displayed under their username or add the option for users to set them themselves. Your support team is just as helpful as your sales team, I have encountered some errors over the last 3 years and every time I submit a ticket it was solved in less than 45 minutes, that shows how much you care about customers, and this is honestly why I’m sticking with TMD Hosting for such a long time. From a website owner's point of view, forum is good for the following reasons. It is most influential and largest web hosting. Best web hosting providers, consider the following URL as it would be requested by a client over HTTP:. The information goes from basic to advanced.

By default, 000webhost accounts come with a free subdomain such as www.

Best Free Forum Hosting Option - The Verdict

If your community is successful, you'll be getting a lot of new members, so these reminders are vital to keep everyone on the same page. Usually, either hypertext markup language (HTML) or bulletin board code (BBCode) tags are allowed. Overall, this platform stands out from other options due to its high level of polish.

Software & Scripts Offers & Requests

Read the latest articles on the eUKhost blog here. It features an impressive level of polish, and if it weren’t for the small collection of free plugins, it might be our top pick. Once you purchase a vBulletin license, SiteGround will help you install or transfer your forums for free.

These conversations are known as threads.

Free version includes a “powered by” watermark. You can use an image as your forum background, or in a forum's header, description, or footer. The built-in package manager system and mod system make it very easy to set up and use and moderate. The system can scan for any errors and repair them, recalculate statistic and totals, empty file cache and unimportant logs, create back-up for the database information, optimize database tables, automatically deleting inactive users and old posts after a set period of time and much more. The key is to find an area people want to know more about or are passionate about and build on that concept.