11 Best Web Hosting Companies for Small Businesses (2020)

As long as your web host has strong customer support, you’re good to go. If you are willing to pay slightly more, Hostinger's Premium Shared Hosting Plan (starts at $2. )99 for unlimited storage and websites. WebHostingHub uses Outside Cooling technology to lessen the carbon output that comes from running large data centers.

One thing we learned while reviewing web hosting services is that reading the fine print matters, especially if you are concerned about keeping prices low. Additionally, its inexpensive monthly options include a security suite to safeguard your data and prevent malicious attacks. How much you know about designing a website, maintaining it, and updating it. A lot of customers don’t realize they are going to pay higher prices and they get sticker shock when they see the auto-charge on their credit card statement.

Customer reviews over time is around 65% positive. 93% over the past 12-months. 92/month Term: We ordered the $1 web hosting and it went fine.

  • This provider offers free backup and restore, free Microsoft Office 365 Business Email for one year, an uptime guarantee (99.)
  • One-Size Fits All Hosting Best for Local Businesses ($1.)
  • A low-cost shared hosting plan is probably good enough for a personal website.
  • (80/mo), offering shared hosting, WordPress hosting, and cloud hosting services at great prices without compromising on superb features, reliable uptime and page loading speeds that are faster than the industry average.


I think beginners will like its simplicity. Plus, easy WordPress installation makes this a no brainer. GoDaddy and iPage have free backups but impose preposterous backup restoration fees, to the point where you’re better off buying their expensive premium add-on backup service to get free restorations. Their lowest plan starts at less than a dollar: If you are a blogger or if you like building websites, then choose this company. Site5 is expensive. While more expensive managed WordPress hosts might offer features like automatic backups and staging sites, cheap web hosting is usually a little more barebones. WP Engine has a one-click clone button that creates a staging site.

Overall, Inmotion Hosting is a good choice if you’re looking for WordPress site speed without the high price tag.

UK’s Best Web Hosting Services Ranked by Performance

A managed WordPress hosting could be the best choice for you if you don’t want to perform site maintenance yourself and want to seek assistance from WordPress-specific support experts whenever you need help. Though 1&1 offers a number of pricing tiers ranging from $0. On the other hand, determine what is NOT worth it for you to spend your money on. Most popular website builders have an easy to use drag-and-drop interface, which makes site creation a cinch. There’s nothing more annoying than 24/7 support that requires you first unearth the contact methods on your own. You can learn to solve your problem while you're waiting for the customer service staff to get back to you.

  • A detailed review of the top 10 WordPress hosting providers.
  • Additionally, the resources provided by the shared-0 plan are absolutely ideal for most small business start-ups and local traders.
  • 99% uptime, making them a very reliable option.
  • An affordable shared web host should be good enough for now.
  • In other words, the Media Temple score benefited from a Cloudflare CDN, while the bottom score did not have a working CDN.
  • Our website got down daily for about 5-10 mins, so this is not a company you will choose if you are having a big website with lots of traffic and customers yourself.
  • Cheap site builder plans have two main drawbacks.

WordPress made easy

But what makes us most excited is the Intershield protection, combined with global content caching and free SSL certificates. These are unmanaged plans, but you can pay for the company to manage your hosting for you. For all other sites, get a web host that’s fast, has great uptime, and amazing support. There are many CMS options on the market but the most popular are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento.

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Most of the time you don’t need to contact a support agent, but when you do (and you will) often your site is in deep trouble (e. )Selecting the wrong web host can be downright detrimental to your business and web presence. If you would like lots of support while you set up your site, I’d pick a different host. As you’d imagine, this is quite a lucrative business. Starting renewal price : Unlike most web hosting providers, DreamHost is independently owned and operated. If your website is down, you’re not making sales, and if it’s your only income, you might be eating Ramen Noodles that day. VPS hosting starting at $22.

We had the hosting for one month and was experiencing some down-time during our test month. If you can sort a lot of problems yourself, then this is a OK host, but if you are new to hosting, you might find another place to be. The free SSL certificate and site transfer service on the entry-level Lite plan help to give A2 Hosting a slight edge over some of the competition in this collection. These increase your number of websites, SSD storage, and monthly visitors. It is possible to skip all this. As a point of reference, we own a WordPress site with around 250 short posts, and the database for that site is 150 MB large. This platform is being trusted by professionals since 1996 and is still one of the best choices for growing business owners. How to Save the Most:

How Much Traffic Can A Cheap Web Host Handle?

The service has a user-friendly editor that bristles with content and functionality, and allows you to fine-tune your site in a huge amount of different ways. And they don’t just slap WHM/cPanel on a dedicated server and call it a day like some other hosts – they go deeper than that. Web hosting is a service that allows websites to serve resources on the internet with the ability to be accessible anywhere on the World Wide Web. This service shortens the time it takes to fetch data from your server based on a visitor’s location.

Upfront Payments and Introductory Discounts

Benefit from optimal uptime and fast load speeds, with the company taking proper care of its facilities to ensure peak performance and server stability. Once you blow through SiteGround’s introductory pricing, your plan’s price will triple. Then add a bit of extra information about your website. Some site owners subscribed to VPS or dedicated hosting simply because of their ego – with the kind of mindset where they think they are different and better. They’re very secure and incredibly fast. A2 Hosting has a reputation for offering faster speeds than most shared hosts. This is how WP Engine are able to guarantee that if your site ever gets hacked, they’ll fix it free of charge.

Cloud hosting plans are pay-as-you-go – since they’re virtual when they’re not in use they aren’t taking up resources.

Which Hosting is Best for WordPress?

95 per month, so you can upgrade at an affordable cost. The beauty of this provider is that even this basic plan is unrestricted in many respects. Starter (one website, email is an extra charge) and Unlimited (as many websites and email accounts as you wish). Is your site being backed up daily and can you restore it within 15 minutes if something goes wrong? However, I think HostGator is my favorite (or least unfavorite) as they perform a bit better than other EIG services. Our users pay only $3. Do they provide an uptime guarantee and refund you for downtime?

It’s not worth the extra work. Maybe the page speed could have been a little bit, but if you have a starter website, that is okay. You're getting nearly all of the benefits of the cloud hosting package at a much lower cost. 95/month when you pay for three years up front (total: )Unsurprisingly, yes. WP Engine have kindly offered a 20% discount to Venture Harbour readers on their first month if you go through this link.

Are crucial software packages updated automatically, or are you required to stay on top of updates yourself?

What is the Best Web Hosting Service Provider for Your Business?

99 shared web hosting plan doesn’t skimp on functionalities, featuring a plethora of customizable templates suitable for various industries, advanced web building tools, business applications, and 24/7 customer support. 95 per month, and lower. The company has a long history of attention to security and it shows in its approach to updates. All you have to do is pick a host that is reliable, reputable, and performs well in that region because speed is important, and the lack of speed directly translates to loss of sales.


Typically, the cheapest prices only apply to your first billing cycle. All in all, it's pretty safe to say that one of their focus is speed and that is what sets them apart from many other web hosting options available to customers. I would recommend WP Engine if:

We Only Considered Web Hosts That Were Well-established And Had A Good Reputation Based On Verified Online Reviews

How does domain registration work? Customer support works round-the-clock to provide you with assistance for anything you might need, whether it be for technical issues or simple assistance in installing scripts. I’ve been very happy with SiteGround’s hosting services. 00/month, and email addresses are through Google suite $6 per month.